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Sliding doors are perfectly suitable for shaping the living space in an original way and with a flourish, both in modern building and in renovated buildings. They are ideal for the interiors, where there is not enough space, which is often occupied by the wings of traditional doors.

They are made with pine, oak or meranti layer glued wood makes them looking elegant and stylish. They are fitted with low-emission glass filled with argon gas to effectively lower the heat flow.

Doors are finished with lazurs showing the wood structure or with covering paint of the full colour REL pallet. Paints effectively protect doors from humidity and atmospheric conditions.

Wykonane z klejonego warstwowo drewna sosnowego, dębowego lub meranti są niezwykle eleganckie i stylowe. Drzwi wyposażone są w zestaw szkła niskoemisyjnego z przestrzenią międzyszybową wypełnioną argonem, który skutecznie zmniejsza przepływ ciepła.

Multi-point lock and safety pins will ensure the safety for your home.